Meet Danielle

  Danielle has been sought out as an expert in her field of work as a Featured Angel Messenger, Psychic, Medium, and Reiki/Spiritual Teacher on the Best Psychic Directory,, and as one of Finest Mediums in the 2016 Healthy Living Magazine's Evening of Spirit Messages. We have received over 60 written reviews for her work and has been in local news articles.   Danielle is a Catholic, using prayer in her work to connect to your angels, loved ones, and to God to heal your heart and prove you are never alone. Since the age of two, after a series of illnesses, Her developed permanent double vision.  Since that time, She was able to see into two realms at the same time - the physical realm here on earth and the spiritual realm.  Over time, Her abilities grew with her strongly developing all six senses to channel spiritual energy at any level, in your past life, in this life, and in the next life, as well as those you are "linked" to on the other side.  Danielle can zone into one type of spiritual energy or all of them for a complete healing. Danielle is the Covina Psychic.

Over the years Danielle has helped her clients to discover their own gifts. Her workshops and classes are currently limited,  while She works on her biography book which she hopes will be published in 2022.   Her compassion, love, and generosity in her classes, reading sessions, or medium events are intended to change or heal your life with every word she speaks down from the heavens.  Not only is She kind and caring, she is also extremely funny.. you never know what is going to come out of her mouth to make you laugh, cry, or connect to you on a deeper level.  She is professional and a rarity in her work.

If you have already received an in-person or phone reading and were happy with Danielle's work, please submit a review,  It only takes a few minutes to tell others of your experience and how She has helped you, so in turn can pay it forward to others who need help.  After your reading, you may also "like: Our page and friend Us on Facebook to stay connected to what is happening in her life and her upcoming events or special surprises she sends out from time to time to her clients. Visit Danielle's Covina Yelp Page, and leave her a review and let the community know about your Experience with The Covina Psychic Danielle.