Free Palm Reading

Free Palm Readings will be offered on the first day of each month. For more information about our Palm Readings please visit our offered Readings page.

Free Palm Readings will be offered by appointment only. Please mention the " The Free Palm Reading Offer" when scheduling the reading.


Psychic Partys

Recieve a FREE READING when you host a "Psychic Party" Just invite your friends and family to your home and our psychics will come and provide accurate psychic readings.


Choose which kind of reading you would like from the list. Tarot Card, Palm, Crystal Ball, Past Lives or soul mate readings


We offer two Party Packages:

Party Option A:


Everyone recieves a one on one private psychic reading of thier choice.


All you have to do as the host is invite your guests to your psychic party, you will need to provide a separate room away from the party, where people can have their private reading. This is usually done in the dinning room or kitchen. You can then freely discuss your readings together in the main room. Psychic Parties are a popular night in! There is a minimum booking of 3 hours for your psychic party. Our psychics are hired by the hour.

The host gets a FREE reading! 



Clairvoyant Party Option B:


All your guests sit in one room and our clairvoyant mediums will give messages to your guests one at a time.


The messages can be from your past loved ones or your spirit guides. Messages from a clairvoyant are also about the future

We offer this service to any size of audience. A group reading is usually for 1.5 hours and a maximum of 15 people (Less or more time can be arranged). A “Clairvoyant Party” is an entertaining and mystical night for everyone! The host receives a FREE reading!



Psychic Tarot Card Readings
Psychic Partys