Heart Chakra

My Heart is open to receive the energy of love I Radiate this essence I walk my path with ease and grace
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The meaning of Anahata chakra is “that which is ever-new and self-sustaining”.
It is the center of our compassion and all forms of love – self love, giving and receiving love. Healing and forgiveness are primarily expressed from here.

The more open the chakra the more capacity we have for love and compassion. The more we love ourselves, the more we can develop compassion towards all living things.

If our Heart Chakra is in balance we will be inclined to have reverence for all life. We will always be seeing the beauty and goodness in the world. The chakra is naturally expressive and receptive but is often damaged or blocked either by ourselves or as a result of hurtful and painful actions towards us. One of the purposes of our human existence is to express love through our hearts. Love is powerful and dynamic.

This chakra is also the center of our Joy. When in balance we will be playful, spontaneous and we will share easily. It is where wish, dreams and desire reside – “having your heart’s desire”.

It is also connected to our wisdom, intuition and spirituality. Through the heart we understand the guidance received through our Third Eye chakra.

Understanding The Heart Chakra

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Signs your heart chakra is blocked

  • Feeling disillusioned with love and relationships

  • Feeling disappointed, let down or hopeless about love

  • Still feeling the pain of a relationship long after it has ended

  • Longing for someone you can’t have or can’t find

  • Feeling unable to connect with others

  • Feeling unable to trust

  • Aching, burning, pain or tingling energy in your chest, heart, lungs or upper back (indicates heart chakra is very damaged)

  • Recurrent health complications in your chest, heart, lungs or upper back e.g chest infections, heart attack, back pain

  • Feeling or believing that love is painful, abusive or doesn’t last

  • Feeling alone in the world

  • Running away, isolating yourself, cutting people off or disconnecting

  • Being unable to unite with your twin flame or soul mate